'Love. Eternal Love!'

You will fall in love on this journey through the Poljane Valley. The day begins in Poljane with a visit to the Šubic House with its ethnographic museum collection and galleries, and where you will be able to express your own creativeness by taking part in a painter's workshop (2h).

The next part of the journey leads to Visoko, where you can visit the renowned Tavčar Manor with its permanent exhibition which shows how the manor has changed through the centuries. Take a stroll to the family tomb and the bronze statue of Ivan Tavčar (1h). To end, a local amateur-dramatics group will perform a part of 'Cvetje v jeseni' (Blossoms in Autumn) – one of the most beautiful Slovene love stories.

Lunch in one of the local restaurants follows where, if desired, your lunch can be spiced up by a visit from the writer Milena Miklavčič, who will narrate local stories.

 Following lunch you will set off for Hotavlje, the place where the famous Hotavlje marble is processed after being extracted, and a visit to the company Marmor Hotavlje (1h).

Your day of exploring the wonderful Poljane countryside will end with a visit to one of the many welcoming homesteads which produce their own farm goods and products – a tour of the farm and a chance to sample their home-produced delights (1h).


To help you remember the day, you will receive a memento of heart-shaped lace made on a lace-bobbin.


  • up to 20 people: €/39 per person 
  • 20 – 30 people: €/37 per person
  • more than 30 people: €/36 per person

Additional offer:

Fortifications on the Rupnik line