Every one makes their own fortune

The day will begin with a walk through old Železniki, where you will end at one of the oldest furnacesto be found far and wide (1.5h). A visit to the Železniki Museum will acquaint you with life in the times of the ironworks (1h). After visiting the museum you will watch a demonstration of bobbin lacemaking and a blacksmith will demonstrate the art of shaping iron. As a memento you will receive a hand-forged nail to take home (0.5-1h). 

After Železniki you can visit one of the following:

a)     Dražgoše, where you will first have lunch at Brunarica Dražgoše. After lunch you will visit the Dražgoše Cultural-Arts Association and watch an interesting promotional filmabout the village, followed by a demonstration by local craftswomen of making Dražgose honey breads. Of course, you will have the chance to demonstrate your own skill at making them too (1h).

b)     Sorica, where you will first have lunch at the restaurant Gostišče Macesen. After lunch you will visit the birth house of the painter Ivan Grohar. After a tour of the house you will have the chance to participate in one of the creative workshops and become a real art or musical master. Whatever you make during the chosen workshop will be yours to take home (1-2h).

Visit the Selca Valley to find inspiration for your achievements!


-       up to 20 people: €35 per person

-       20 – 30 people: €33 per person

-       more than 30 people: €32 per person