Step into the shoes of new discoveries

Your tour of Žiri will begin with a visit to the Žiri Museum, where you will find out everything about the history of Žiri and its people, about the town's shoemaking tradition and the Alpina factory, the legacy of the Rapallo Border, and about the work of the town's artists (1h).

Next you will visit a local beekeeper, where you will discover the secrets of a beekeeper's work and taste some delicious honey. If desired, a visit to a farm can also be arranged, where you will be able to sample other homemade products (dried fruit, baked goods, schnapps etc.) (1h).

This will be followed by a visit to the well-known company Alpina – to its production plant and industrial shop (1h).

Next you will enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the local restaurants.

To ensure you will know how to firmly tie your shoes, you will take part in a real traditional shoemaker's workshop with a local master craftsperson (1h).

As a memento of your day in Žiri, you will receive a pair of Alpina shoelaces.


-       up to 20 people €35 per person

-       20 – 30 people: €33 per person

-       more than 30 people: €32 per person

Additional offer:

Demonstration of lace-bobbin work.



Take a walk to the Stone Table or to Matjaž's Cave