Workshops and Courses


Permanent handicraft workshops – by arrangement

Creativity which tells a story

Products from our master craftspeople are based on the tradition of our ancestors, use of natural materials and the ideas of modern users. The process and personal touch of master craftspeople are an extremely important part of this.

At the Škofja Loka DUO Arts and Crafts Centre you can also watch craftspeople at work - organised demonstrations - and workshops of handicraft skills, which will remain long in the memory.

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Handicraft Courses and Education

In accordance with an annual cycle, the Škofja Loka DUO Arts and Crafts Centre runs various handicraft and educational courses, which are run by master craftspeople, each with their own individual handicraft skill.

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Handicraft programmes for nursery and primary schools

Creative handicraft workshops

-       felting

-       reusing paper

-       printing on fabric

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