The Škofja Loka countryside is ideal for hiking, cycling, horseriding and other active pursuits. Lovers of water can enjoy natural swimming pools, fishing enthusiasts will revel in the rivers and fishing districts. Those seeking special adventures will be attracted by the sky on one side, and caves and chasms on the other. Winter offers sledging and skiing. Various adventure programmes offer inspiration for every day of the year!


Hundreds of kilometres of marked and arranged cycle trails lead through the Škofja Loka hills and valleys. There are routes suitable for all types of cyclist, from those seeking more leisurely recreational rides to those seeking more of a challenge.

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The Škofja Loka hills, in the embrace of the Cerklje and Idrija hills and in close proximity to the mountain ridge of the Julian Alps, are crisscrossed with numerous well-maintained and marked hiking paths, which lead to peaks that offer unforgettable views of the surroundings. There are paths to suit everyone – for family outings, for those seeking recreation, and for hikers seeking more demanding routes. Many of the hills and peaks also have well-maintained mountain huts and lodges, which attract visitors from far and wide to stop for refreshment and enjoy the delicious homemade food.

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Ski Resorts

In winter the Škofja Loka area becomes a white idyll and offers numerous winter adventures. Skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the challenge of the snow-covered slopes, whilst other recreational activities include well-maintained cross-country ski and sledging tracks.

Visit the popular ski resorts of the Selca and Poljane valley, which offer various winter snow-based enjoyment for families with children, recreational skiers and those looking for more adventurous skiing.

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The Sora, Poljane Sora, and Selca Sora rivers and their tributaries invite admirers of nature. The rivers offer lovers of fishing a rich hunting ground for trout, rainbow trout, grayling, chub, barbel and Arctic char. The rapids, pool and channels are easily accessible, making it possible to fish throughout the rivers' course.

The maintenance of the fishing areas and preservation of nature and the fish population is managed by four angling societies, from whom fishing permits can be purchased.

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Horse Riding

The picturesque Škofja Loka countryside is a wonderful place for setting off on excursions by horseback and is therefore popular amongst lovers of horse riding. Spending a few hours on horseback amid pristine nature is a special experience. Experience a thrilling ride through the scenic valleys, forests and clearings and enjoy the natural beauty and endless vistas from the saddle.

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Stari vrh Family Park

Entertainment for adults and children from 2 years onwards.
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Natural Outdoor Pools

In the summer months locals and visitors like to seek refreshment in Škofja Loka's natural outdoor pools and bathing areas. The pools are well-arranged and maintained and food and refreshments are also available.

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Special Experiences

The Škofja Loka area offers numerous opportunities for those seeking some adrenalin-filled ways to spend their free time, to get the heart racing, and to get away from everyday mundane life.

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Tennis courts

Škofja Loka has a long history of playing tennis. The first playgrounds at the Poden sports hall were built in the early nineties (1982), and at the height of the sport's popularity, the municipality had as many as 17 playgrounds in six locations. Today in Škofja Loka, 11 courts are available for playing tennis in 5 locations.
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