Loka Cycle Route

The Škofja Loka hills and Sorica fields offer excellent varied terrain for cycling enthusiasts and offer well-arranged and marked cycling routes which together form the 390km-long Loka Cycle Route. The entire route is divided into 13 stages, some of which are shorter and easier, others are more suitable for more experienced and well-prepared cyclists. All the routes lead past various cultural monuments, restaurants, inns and snack bars, tourist farms, and mountain huts.

At a number of specially marked control points there are stamps which can be collected on a card. A card for collecting stamps can be obtained together with a map of the Loka Cycle Route from Tourist Information Centre Škofja Loka area.

Tourism Škofja Loka wishes you an enjoyable and safe journey on your cycling trip!

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Circular Cycle Route – Žiri

The wide valley is surrounded by a ring of hills which offer an abundance of opportunities for recreation. The numerous forest paths in the surrounding hills and valleys have become targets for many cyclists and together form the Žiri circular cycle route.

The Žiri circular cycle route runs mostly along forest macadam trails and is suitable for mountain bikes. The length of the entire route is 54km. The route can be tailored according to your own wishes and capabilities. Some of the individual sections of the route are also suitable for families with young children – notably the part of the route through the Žirovnica and Račeva valleys. There is no need to worry about getting lost as the entire route is marked with orientation posts.

Every year the Žiri Tourist Association organises the event 'The Žiri Cycle Circular'. The ride is recreational in nature and all lovers of cycling can participate. The event takes place on the last Saturday in August.

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Circular Cycle Route of the Municipality Gorenja Vas – Poljane

The circular cycle route of the Municipality of Gorenja vas – Poljane runs close to the borders of the municipality of Gorenja vas – Poljane. The pleasant and safe trails, which offer wonderful views, lead past cultural and historic monuments, overnight accommodation, and snack bars.

The entire 115km route is divided into three stages, with a total altitude difference of 3,400 metres. Each of the stages can also be completed as an independent route.

A control card showing the 15 control points can be collected at the Petra Tavern. Prizes are given to those who complete the entire circular route and collect all the control stamps.

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