The Škofja Loka hills, in the embrace of the Cerklje and Idrija hills and in close proximity to the mountain ridge of the Julian Alps, are crisscrossed with numerous well-maintained and marked hiking paths, which lead to peaks that offer unforgettable views of the surroundings. There are paths to suit everyone – for family outings, for those seeking recreation, and for hikers seeking more demanding routes. Many of the hills and peaks also have well-maintained mountain huts and lodges, which attract visitors from far and wide to stop for refreshment and enjoy the delicious homemade food.

The Gorenja vas – Poljane Municipal Walking Circle

Thanks to its fresh air, wonderful views, well-maintained marked paths, and authentic homemade delights, the land under Blegoš is a paradise for hikers. The Gorenja vas – Poljane Municipal Walking Circle more or less runs along the boundaries of the municipality and includes some of the most picturesque and attractive points and places with the most beautiful views, where hikers can stop, enjoy the view, rest and refresh.

The entire path is 89 kilometres in length and has a total height difference of over 5,000 metres.

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The Loka Mountain Trail (Loška Planinska Pot - LPP)

The Loka Mountain Trail covers the highest peaks of Lubnik and Blegoš, to Črni Vrh above Novaki, and also encompasses the Polhograd hills, touches the Idrija hills, crosses the Cerklje hills, and climbs to the summits of Ratitovec, which are the far ridges of the Julian Alps. It bypasses the middle and periphery of the area, which extends to the transition from the high Alps to their foothills. It is this transitional area that gives the Loka Mountain Trail its unique charm, due to the ever-changing character of the mountain landscapes.

The Loka Mountain Trail (Loška Planinska Pot - LPP) is marked with the usual Slovenian trail markers (a red circle with a white inner); in places there is an additional letter 'L'. There are 32 points with control stamps.

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Hiking Trails in Loka

The Škofja Loka hills offer lovers of sports a wide range of well-maintained hiking trails. For those who prefer more gentle strolls and shorter excursions there are numerous easily accessible theme trails and forest nature trails.

Mountain huts and open-door working farms are happy to welcome visitors and serve their delights. The warm hospitality offered by locals will make you want to return.

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The Slovenian Mountain Trail

The Slovenian Mountain Trail is one of the longest and most popular long-distance interconnecting trails in Slovenia, as well as being the oldest interconnecting trail in the world.

The trail begins in Maribor and runs over the Pohorje Massif, crossing the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karavanke, the Julian Alps and sub-Alpine hills before descending to the Karst and ending at the Debeli Rtič cape beside the Adriatic Sea. It is marked with the general Slovenian hiking path markers  - a red circle with a white inner - and an additional number 1.

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Mountain Huts and Shelters

in Škofja Loka area



Mountain Associations

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