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The Škofja Loka area has a thousand faces of cultural heritage. These are evidenced by castles and manors, noteworthy churches and memorials. From towns with historical houses, bridges over rivers and to places with an idiosyncratic architectural heritage, they lead ever higher – to the fortifications on the Rupnik Line and the Rapallo Border. There will never be a lack of goals to achieve!

Castles and Mansions

The Škofja Loka area is dotted with numerous castles and mansions. The earliest date back to the 13th century, others were completely transformed after the great earthquake of 1511, and the 'youngest' among them were built as recently as the 17th century. There is a wealth of history and legends amongst them. 

The castles and mansions were built in carefully chosen locations, which visitors from far and wide still find breathtaking today. Some also contain museums that invite visitors to acquaint themselves with the history and way of life in the Škofja Loka area in past centuries.

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Historic houses and museum collections

Historic houses and museum collections acquaint visitors with tales of life. Some demonstrate the lives of small farmers and cottagers in the Škofja Loka area, whilst others show the life of well-known Slovene painters. Birth houses of Škofja Loka artists are a starting point for understanding the creativiness and rich artistic tradition in the area. The beautifully preserved houses and collections, which have been professionally and lovingly restored, attract many visitors.

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Notable churches

Dozens of churches are dotted among the Škofja Loka hills and valleys. Many of them are adorned by unique altars, frescoes and glassworks by famous masters, which create an impression on each and every visitor.

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Memorials and monuments

The diverse history and large number of people who had great influence in the areas of their work and creativity, are reflected in monuments and memorials erected in their honour.

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Architectural heritage

The Škofja Loka area boasts a rich architectural heritage, which has been created and developed over many centuries. You can see modest country farmhouses as well as magnificent mansions and townhouses, which have been built over the centuries under the influence of various architectural styles.

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The Selca, Poljane Sora and Sora rivers shaped the landscape and the people who live by them. There are numerous bridges which stand on its banks, connecting people and places.

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Fortifications on the Rupnik line

The Rupnik Line is a system of fortifications, which were built during the 1930's by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia as a defence line on the border with the Kingdom of Italy. The strategically placed forts were never used for military or defence purposes.

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