Set off on a story

Škofja Loka offers endless stories. The most beautiful among them can be experienced on the numerous theme paths. They lead to diverse sights of interest and homesteads, where you can discover peculiarities of nature, culture and the everyday lives of locals. Each of the theme paths allow you to become a part of the suprising stories! Choose your path.

Romuald's Path

Using an interactive mobile application, Father Romauld will guide you along the path of the Škofja Loka Passion Play. The circular path, which takes approximately 1.5 hours, leads through the streets of the old town centre. It provides visitors with a leap into the times of the Passion, the chance to find out about Loka's legends, and to revive lost beliefs... whilst, at the same time, is an opportunity to see the town’s numerous other attractions.

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Path to Puštal

When walking along the Path to Puštal theme path, you will be accompanied by stories which will reveal how the Puštal locals used to live. You will find out how Puštal is connected with the devil, combs, frogs, and many other things of interest.

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Bear Cub Trail

An easy circular children's walking trail, colour-marked with educational information and sensory perception. The trail is particularly suitable for families with children, as well as school groups of all ages and other organised groups, due to the animation along the way.

You will enjoy the wonderful forest and clearings, equipped with teaching aids, benches and various sculptures – among them the moss bear cub, Štefka.

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Path through Zala

The Path Through Zala theme path runs mostly through the forest in Zala, about which the Slovene writer Dr. Ivan Tavčar wrote in his book about Zala. The book tells the story of Canon Amandus, who shot a bear that attacked and severly wounded him in Zala. Then, Katarina Mrak took care of him. Find out how the story unfolds on the Path Through Zala.

The first and last section of the three-hour path run along the ridge of Žirovski Vrh, which is between the municipalities of Žiri and Gorenja vas – Poljane. The path is well-maintained and marked with green-yellow markers, signposts and animation boards.

On organised walks (for larger groups), members of the Žirovski Vrh Tourist Association prepare feature animations, which present the story of Amandus and Katarina even more clearly.

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Beekeepers' Path

The first Beekeepers' Path in Slovenia is designed so that you can get to know the beauty of the landscape, discover a small piece of the area's history, taste honey delights, discover secrets about the work of beekeepers and enjoy yourself. This goes hand-in-hand with the tradition of our ancestors, whose equipment and tools you will be able to see when visiting beekeepers to see current methods of beekeeping.

The four-hour long path is marked with green-yellow signposts and animation boards.

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Path through Sorica

Sorica is a high-lying mountain village on steep slopes, surrounded by green meadows and forests, full of babbling springs. The theme path takes you on a journey through the history of Sorica and its stories, and highlights some of the most attractive parts of the village. The wonderful landscape, which also inspired the painter Ivan Grohar, is also worthy of your attention.
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Path of Poljane treats

At a time when natural home-produced food is ever more important, we invite you to visit the farms and other smallholdings in the Poljane valley, where the owners grow and produce their products with passion and genuine Poljane good-heartedness, allowing you the chance to take a small piece of the Poljane valley home with you.

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Path to Suša

From the village of Zali Log the theme path will lead to Suša, home to the Church of Our Lady of Loreto, and close to the church there is a source of spring water, which many consider to be healing. The peculiarity of the water is that is does not contain any bacteria, older locals will tell you that the spring never runs dry, not even during the greatest of droughts.

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Path to Crngrob

The Path to Crngrob theme path leads from Škofja Loka, past Stara Loka, the villages of Papirnica and Pevno to the Church of Mary of the Annunciation in Crngrob. Along the path you will notice numerous shrines and chapels, which serve as a reminder of the pilgrimage nature of the path. There are also information boards along the path. Guided tours can also be organised on request.

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The three castles path

The route runs along the path of three Loka castles, which once formed a unified defence system for Škofja Loka. The path is connected by special features of Škofja Loka's historical, cultural and natural heritage. The beautifully preserved Loka Castle, together with the ruins of the Upper Tower on Krancelj and the Old Castle, tell many interesting tales of the history of Loka and the life of its people.

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Emma's Pilgrimage Path

Emma's Pilgrimage Path connects places that are directly or indirectly connected with the life of St. Ema, who is also known by other names. The path runs across the regions of KoroŠka, Štajerska, Dolenjska and Gorenjska, and is connected with the path of the same name in Austria (Hemma-Pilgerweg).

More information about Emma's Pilgrimage Path, the Pilgrimage Library and a Pilgrimage Map, can be obtained at the tourist information centres in Škofja Loka.

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A walk through old Železniki

Along the path there are houses in which well-known Železniki locals were born or lived, as well as churches and mining pits. The biggest feature of Železniki is without doubt the preserved blast furnace for smelting iron ore, which is unique in Europe and is a protected technical monument.

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Ironworks – blacksmiths' path in Železniki

The path presents the rich cultural-historical heritage of Železniki and shows three local trades (iron forging, bobbin lace and the production of slate).

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The Rupnik line construction

Themed information boards are located along the path, which give short descriptions of the method of building the bunkers and life in that period. The path leads past numerous fortifications, and you can also stop and enjoy the wonderful views of the Škofja Loka hills and the distant Alpine mountains.

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Rappalo border

The theme path along the Rapallo Border is intended to acquaint visitors with the time between the 1st and 2nd World War, which due to the establishment of the Rapallo Border, also left its mark in our towns and villages. You will discover what life was like for the residents who lived with, and along, the border in the areas of Žiri and Sovodenj.

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Cvetje v jeseni (Blossoms in Autumn) Hiking Trail

On the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of the publishing of the book Cvetje v jeseni (Blossoms in Autumn), a hiking trail of the same name was established from Poljane to Blegoš. The author of the book, Ivan Tavčar, so beautifully described the path he walked that we decided to invite you along too!
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