Emma's Pilgrimage Path

More information about Emma's Pilgrimage Path, the Pilgrimage Library and a Pilgrimage Map, can be obtained at the tourist information centres in Škofja Loka.

Emma's Pilgrimage Path in the Škofja Loka area:

Poljane valley: Church of the Three Kings, St. Ana's Church on Ledinica, St. Tilen's (St. Giles's) Church in Javorje


Škofja Loka: Church of the Annunciation of Mary in Crngrob


Selca valley: Church of the Mother of God in Suša, St. Nicholas' Church in Sorica


Visit also:

Restaurants in the vicinity:

  • Pri Županu Restaurant with Rooms
  • Lipan Restaurant with Rooms
  • Blegoš Javorje Restaurant with Rooms
  • Restaurant Pr´Sedmic
  • Restaurant, tavern and wine bar Kašča
  • Restaurant Crngrob
  • Restaurant Pr' Birt
  • Macesen Restaurants with Rooms