Path through Sorica

Sorica is one of the loveliest mountain villages in Slovenia, an idyllic resort with mountain meadows and larch groves; raised high above the Selca valley it boasts fresh mountain area and alpine sun, where fog is a rarity; it makes a beautiful and comfortable place to enjoy walks, various kinds of mountain tours and has excellent skiing terrain. One would have to travel far around the world to find such a beautiful view of a village, where the undulating, slightly raised slopes stand out among the green gardens of the attractive houses covered with blue slate roofs, which the boldy-shaped peaks look down over (Rudolf Badjura).

The theme path has been designed to show visitors a small piece of the history of Sorica and its stories, and highlights some of the most attractive parts of the village. The wonderful landscape, which also inspired the painter Ivan Grohar, is also worthy of your attention.

The House and Statue of Ivan Grohar

The Path Through Sorica begins at the information board, which is located between Grohar's House and the Gostišče Macesen restaurant. In 1867 the painter Ivan Grohar was born in the house. Today it is home to the Grohar memorial collection and gallery. You can also visit the collection of ethnographic objects, which farmers and tradesmen once used. Trade in Sorica quickly developed, predominantly among cottagers. The house names and surnames (Bognar, Gošplar, Šoštar, Žnajdar, Pintar etc.) bear witness to the bustling artisan life.

The path then leads through Lower Sorica (Spodnja Sorica), along the slopes over 'Lajšto'. At the crossroads at the bottom of 'Lajšto' turn right, where there is a view of St. Nicholas' Church. From there continue towards the main road and at the top pause to see the 2.8m-high statue of Ivan Grohar.


St. Nicholas' Church

Cross the main road at the chapel and continue along a cart track, which leads towards St. Nicholas' Church. The church in Sorica was first mentioned in the land registry in 1501. In the second half of the 17th century it was thoroughly remodelled; todays Baroque appearance dates from the 18th century. The most importance artistic work is the ceiling fresco of the Last Supper, the work of the painter Janez Šubic from Poljane. Ivan Grohar also dedicated a great deal of his work to local churches, mainly thanks to the priest Anton Jamnik, who was a constant source of encouragement to Grohar and his work. Four magnificent linden trees, estimated to be around 500 years old, surround the cemetery walls. The cemetery in Sorica was the location for the filming of Meta's funeral in the film 'Cvetje v jeseni' (Blossoms in Autumn). 

The Sora River Valley

From the church return along the main road towards the start of the path, but instead of turning back towards the information board, continue straight ahead, uphill towards Upper Sorica (Zgornja Sorica). Turn left in front of the school heading downwards to the valley of the Sora river, where in the past there were numerous mills and sawmills. According to oral tradition and judging by the remains of the former mills and sawmills, prior to electrification there were 35 mills in Sorica's villages, of that 17 were in Sorica itself. In 1911 the Sorica Electrical Machine Co-operative was establshed, and the following year a power plant began to operate in the village, the third in the Selca valley.


The most filmed Slovene village

Cross the bridge and them immediately turn right uphill to Lipar and then continue along the ridge.

To the right a view opens up for Upper Sorica (Zgornja Sorica), whilst to the left you can see 'Kejžar', where one of the scenes was shot for the film 'Lucija' (Lucia). It could be said that Sorica is among the most filmed villages in Slovenia as also the films 'Cvetje v jeseni' (Blossoms in Autumn), 'Ljubezen nam je vsem v pogubo' (Love is the Ruin of us All) and 'Pastirce' (Little Shepherds) were shot here.

Before reaching the main road you can take a rest on the bench and enjoy the view. Then, continue right along the main road, turning right once again at the first turning and again cross the Sora river. The route then leads through Upper Sorica (Zgornja Sorica) and back towards the start. In Upper Sorica you can also take a peek through the doors of the Urša Studio and Gallery, where the local painter Miro Kačar creates his works.

Other sights of interest:

-       Šprucar Waterfall

-       Sorica Highland (Soriška planina)

-       Ratitovec (starting from Zgornje Danje, a 2-hour hike)

-       Zali Log and the Path to Suša theme path

-       The 9th stage of the Loka Cycle Route 'Along the Sunny Slopes of Ratitovec'

Catering in the vicinity:

-       Macesen Restaurants with Rooms, Sorica

-       The Litostroj Mountain Hut, Soriška planina

-       Sorica Highland Cabin (Brunarica Soriška planina)