Path through Zala

Are you wondering what could be of interest for you in this forest?

Certainly the wonderful nature, views, animation – where you can play safely and at the same time get to know the forest, great cuisine and the humorous locals, who, through the animated story, will take you hundreds of years back in time.

The Route

Along the path keep an eye out for the six animation boards, which will acquaint you with the features of the path and entertain you.Starting from the Pr' Bukovc farm, set off along the tarmac panoramic road towards Goli vrh. After 1.5kms turn left at the signpost into the forest to reach the heart of Zala. The path continues past the highest point of Zala – 899m above sea-level - a giant ant's nest, to a wonderful forest clearing, ideal for rest and play. Continue downhill where you will soon see Štefka, a bear cub made from moss, which you can enjoy standing next to for a photograph. 


To the right of the bear there is a small stream, where you can refresh yourself with fresh potable water. Continue to Mary's Shrine in Zala, where, once upon a time, the bear ferociously attacked someone. Continue on the tarmac road, over the small hill 'Mrakov grič', to reach the Pri Marku farm, where Amandus rested to allow his wounds to heal after he was attacked by the bear in Zala. Upon prior arrangement, it is possible to see a number of interestings things at the Pri Marku farm. Next comes a descent to the Pr' Simc farm, and from there onwards to Grobež, past Omejček, through Pihovec – a small grove, to Mlin, where friendly locals will tell humorous tales to entertain you. From here the path climbs up to Sivec, beneath the Javorč farm. There is also a hunters' hut nearby. From the ridge of Žirovski Vrh, where the path is marked at the top of the hill, a flat path with beautiful views awaits you. There is also an option to walk along the tarmac road, alongside the signposts, in close proximity to the bunkers of the Rupnik Line. Before you know it, you will be back to the start at the Pr' Bukovec farm.


- A special feature of Zala is its considerable quanitity of water, therefore comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended, as well as extra layers, since even in the summer it can be cool in the forest.

- The path is not difficult and is also suitable for families with school-age children.