Path to Suša

Historical facts describe that in the past a path led through Plenšak and across the meadow clearing to Suša from Gorenjska to Primorska. A lake is said to have been located under the village, which is also testified to by the pegs for mooring boats at the edge of the rocky cliffs. This is also thought to be the origin of the name 'Suša', which means 'dry' in Slovene – a place in the dry.

Church of Our Lady of Loreto

The church was built in 1877. All the building materials were delivered to the building site using small miners' wagons, linked together, along wooden tracks uphill, whilst at the same time excavated material was taken away on the way back down.

The interior of the church is adorned with several altars, the most notable is the main central altar. In the centre of the altar is a statue of Our Lady of Loreto with Jesus in her lap, and beneath her there are sea angels bringing Mary's House back from Nazareth to the town of Loreto.

The church is also included in the Emma's Pilgrimage Route.


Chapel with a Statue of Mary Immaculate

During the time of building of the church in Suša, a chapel was built a little lower beneath the church in which a statue of Mary Immaculate was installed. From under the chapel a source of water springs, which many consider to be healing. According to local legend, the water is mainly healing for the eyes. Tales say that a mother took her blind daughter to the spring and, after washing her eyes with the water, she was able to see. A peculiarity of the water is that it does not contain bacteria, similar to that at Lourdes. Even after a month or more it remains crystal clear and can still be drunk, provided it is stored in a clean container. Older locals say that the spring never runs dry, not even during the greatest of droughts.

The Path to Suša

The oldest path to Suša leads from Železniki over Plenšak. This path was once the only transport link between the Selca valley and Primorska (20 minutes).

Suša can also be reached starting from the Chapel of the Three Holy Kings, close to the natural climbing wall. Behind the chapel the path climbs uphill and leads ahead to a chapel with a statue of Mary and a source of healing water, then onwards to the church (7 minutes).

For a shorter walk and a quick escape into unspoilt nature, take the path which begins at the shrine of the Guardian Angel beside the Železniki – Zali Log road. This is the easy route and is also suitable for older people, families with young children and also for mountain biking (10 minutes).

The recommended route begins at the sports field in Zali Log and leads from the village along 'Galetova lajta' and the forest path to Suša (30 minutes). 


Things to see and do in the vicinity:

  • Hike to Ratitovec (1666m, 2.5 hours)
  • Visit Sorica (the Path to Sorica theme path, Grohar's House)
  • Visit the Sorica Highland (Soriška planina) and the Litrosroj mountain hut (Litostrojska koča)
  • Visit the Davča waterfalls and the Davča Ethnographic Museum
  • Visit the Železniki Museum and walk along the Blacksmiths' Theme Path

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  • Restaurant Pri Slavcu, Zali Log