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Romuald's Path

The interactive guide with 13 stations through Škofja Loka begins and ends in the 'Passion Room' at Mestni trg (Town Square) 42. Individual stations are marked with numbered markers on the ground showing the symbol of the Loka Passion.

To access the path it is necessary to download the Nexto application to a smartphone, choose the town Škofja Loka and then select the Romuald's Path guide.

The stations of Romuald's Path partly converge with the Stations of the Cross path, which are played out in the Passion Play procession. The voice guiding you from station to station is that of Father Romuald, a Škofja Loka Capuchin monk, who, three centuries ago in medieval Loka, first staged the Passion Procession and also wrote the text of the Škofja Loka Passion.

The interactive guided tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours, and includes a game, competition and the chance to collect points by completing challenges. Those who complete the thirteen challenges receive a prize – the chance to make a gold coin in the 'Passion Room'. The results can be shared among you.

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