The Rupnik line construction

The Rupnik Line is a system of fortifications which was built in the 1930's by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia as a defence line on the border with the Kingdom of Italy. The strategically placed fortifications were never used for military or defence purposes.

Today a theme path leads along the traces of construction of the Rupnik Line and leads past numerous above-ground fortifications.


Shorter theme path (circular)

This path is suitable for all, including children and older walkers. It begins at the cemetery in Gorenja vas, where there is an information board and where it is flanked by two anti-tank obstacles. The path leads on past the former barracks, numerous bunkers, the former barrack settlements to the prominent Bishops Bunker (Škofovega bunker) and back to the start. There are very interesting information boards along the path which use cartoons to show the work and building of the forts.

The 4.5km path is easy, the height difference is 180m and takes approximately 2 hours.

Longer theme path (one way)

The start and first part of the path are the same as the shorter theme path. After approximately 2km the path splits; the signpost points left, whilst the shorter path continues to the right. Follow the signs past a large sandpit and further past Ferjanec's Farm (Ferjančeva domačija) to the largest underground fortification defence system of the Rupnik Line, which is located on Hrastov grič. Entry into the fortress is only available when accompanied by a guide.

The path is 6km (one way), the height difference is 480m, and takes approximately 5 hours in total including the return.