The three castles path

The Three Castles Path is closely linked with the year 1511, when Škofja Loka was hit by the strongest earthquake in its history. Loka's castles were also badly affected; of the three castles along the theme path only the main and most known, Loka Castle, was reconstructed.

Loka Castle

The Three Castles Path begins at the information board which stands at the entrance to Loka Castle. It can be reached on foot from two places in the old town centre: from Homan's House or from the town administration building (Upravna Enota). It leads past an image of a medieval pageboy, a symbol of the path. After approximately 100 metres, at the walls surrounding the castle, there is a rock with a printed image of the pageboy, which shows the direction left and uphill.  


The Tower on Krancelj

You will soon see the ruins of the Tower on Krancelj which, still today, testify to the mightiness of the former defence castle. Continue over Štajgrof, past a trig point that shows the surrounding and distant peaks. Continue downhill past the 'Pri Grebenarju' farm. Nearby there are two interesting natural sights – Mary's and Migut's Abysses. Follow the signpost ahead to the forest edge, where there is a monument to the founder of Loka Tourism, Slavko Flis. It was Flis, who back in 1895, began work on creating walking paths in this area.

Wild Loka

From here the path runs through the forest to the Kobila pass, where the image of the pageboy points right towards the Wild Loka (Divja Loka) castle. After approximately 15 minutes of walking, you will catch sight through the tree branches of the ruins of the Old Castle, or Wild Loka. The castle was built on the steep slopes of Lubnik, where it had excellent natural protection. The final part of the path continues along a somewhat longer, but more appropriate, direction, and behind the Wild Loka castle descends to the right into Vincar ravine (Vincarška grapa). This leads to the settlement of Vincarje, from where it is just a 10 minute walk to return to the start point in the town.


Catering in the vicinity:

  • Homan Coffee Shop and Patisserie
  • Vahtnca Coffee Shop
  • 'Na Štengah' Coffee Shop
  • Pizza restaurant Jesharna
  • Restaurant, tavern and wine bar Kašča