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The Škofja Loka area lies in the northwest of Slovenia, at the crossroads between the southern edge of the Alps and the fertile Sorica fields.

The excellent geographic position and good road and railway connections make getting to Škofja Loka easy; it is just half an hour away from Ljubljana, Kamnik, Kranj and the Jože Pučnik International Airport; whilst In less than an hour you can reach Škofja Loka from Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora and Postojna.

By Car

Škofja Loka can be reached by road from several directions:

- from Postojna take the A1 motorway to Ljubljana and join the A2 motorway. Leave the A2 at junction 14 Ljubljana – Šentvid (the exit is located in the Šentvid tunnel). Then turn left onto Celovška cesta and continue ahead through Medvode to Škofja Loka.

- from Maribor take the A1 motorway to Ljubljana and join the H3 dual carriageway following the signs for Kranj.

- from Austria (border crossings at Ljubelj, the Korensko sedlo/Wurzen pass, the Karavanke tunnel), Bohinj, Bled and Kranjska Gora, take the A2 motorway to Kranj, exit the motorway at junction 8 Kranj-zahod and follow the signs for Kranj and onwards to Škofja Loka.


- from Ljubljana take Celovška cesta through Medno, Medvode, and Jeprca to Škofja Loka.

- from Bled take the road through Lesce towards Radovljica then to Kropa. From Kropa continue on the panoramic roads towards Dražgoše and through Rudno to Železniki.

- from Bohinj drive through Bohinjska Bistrica and over the Sorica highland (Soriška planina) to Sorica (follow the signs for Podbrdo, then for Sorica). Thereafter follow the panoramic road through Zali Log to Železniki.

- from Postojna take the A1 motorway to the exit for Logatec, from where you continue towards Idrija. Thereafter, follow the signs towards Žiri then towards Gorenja vas to Škofja Loka.

- from Most na Soči there are 2 routes through the Poljane and Selca valleys to reach Škofja Loka:

Through the Selca valley

From Most na Soči follow the signs for Podbrdo and then towards Zali Log. From there continue to Železniki and onwards to Škofja Loka.

Through the Poljane valley

From Most na Soči take road 102 through Bače and ahead towards Straža. Follow the signs for Cerkno (ski resort) and ahead towards Sovodenj then towards Gorenja vas.

Public Bus Transport

Buses serving the Škofja Loka bus station provide regular direct connections with Ljubljana, Kranj, Železniki, Gorenja vas, Poljane and Žiri.




You can also reach Škofja Loka by train. The Ljubljana – Jesenice railway line provides direct local (Ljubljana, Kranj, Lesce-Bled, Jesenice) and international (Belgrade, Zagreb, Salzburg, Munich) connections.

Local buses run every 15 minutes from the Škofja Loka railway station to the old town centre of Škofja Loka, just 2-kilometres away.



From the Jože Pučnik International Airport drive through Šenčur and ahead through Kranj to Škofja Loka.

Distances to airports

  • Škofja Loka – Jože Pučnik Airport, Ljubljana 17 km
  • Škofja Loka – Edvard Rusjan Airport, Maribor 142 km
  • Škofja Loka – Klagenfurt Airport 71 km
  • Škofja Loka – Trieste 134 km
  • Škofja Loka – Marco Polo Airport, Venice 240 km
  • Škofja Loka – Zagreb Airport 172 km


Distances by road to major destinations outside of Slovenia

  • Škofja Loka – Trieste 112 km
  • Škofja Loka – Venice 265 km
  • Škofja Loka – Milan 509 km
  • Škofja Loka – Rome 786 km
  • Škofja Loka – Zagreb 163 km
  • Škofja Loka – Belgrade 580 km
  • Škofja Loka – Klagenfurt 68 km
  • Škofja Loka – Graz 215 km
  • Škofja Loka – Vienna 402 km
  • Škofja Loka – Salzburg 270 km
  • Škofja Loka – Munich 407 km
  • Škofja Loka – Budapest 482 km
  • Škofja Loka – Bratislava 468 km
  • Škofja Loka – Prague 727 km

Distances by road to major towns and cities in Slovenia

  • Škofja Loka – Železniki 15 km
  • Škofja Loka – Poljane 13 km
  • Škofja Loka – Gorenja vas 21 km
  • Škofja Loka – Žiri 28km
  • Škofja Loka – Ljubljana 22 km
  • Škofja Loka – Kranj 11 km
  • Škofja Loka – Bled 38 km
  • Škofja Loka  – Bohinj – 70 km
  • Škofja Loka – Kranjska Gora 73 km
  • Škofja Loka – Postojna 76 km
  • Škofja Loka – Piran 140 km
  • Škofja Loka - Ptuj  154 km
  • Škofja Loka – Maribor 142 km