Eternal Love

Nature and its peculiar secrets have long been providing inspiration in the land beneath Blegoš. Were the chests in the attic of Visoko Manor packed with gold or were there only carefully-kept records about the owner of the mighty building? In addition to the chests, the writer Ivan Tavčar found inspiration in the Poljane valley and wrote one of the most beautiful Slovene love stories, in which the characters profess their eternal love on the flower-covered mountain highlands.

Hiking trails and cycling routes lead through the Poljane valley and hills, which are lined with images that artists have poured into their creations, such as those preserved in Šubic House, the home of painters and carvers, and where there are a series of never used fortifications on the Rupnik Line, a legacy from the time prior to World War II. 

Nature was also the inspiration for the Fountain of Love in the Time of Crickets, which stands in Gorenja vas, the town with the highest birth rate in Slovenia. The fountain is carved out of Hotavlje marble – stone from beneath Blegoš. Special water is a source of new stories in Kopačnica, which boasts an ancient thermal spring.

With its beauty and stories, the Poljane valley is a scene of love: to ourselves, to our nearest and dearest, and to nature.