Weddings in Visoko

Crown your special day with the magic of Tavčar Manor in Visoko, in the embrace of the unspoilt nature of the Poljane valley.

The writer Ivan Tavčar wrote a lot of beautiful stories, the most beautiful was about his life with his wife Franja. Allow Tavčar's pen to help write a happy start to the story of your marriage.

In front of Tavčar Manor you, together with your guests, will be addressed by the Lord of the Visoko estate, Ivan Tavčar himself (an actor dressed as him!), who will escort the guests to the civil ceremony in the manor's wedding hall.

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Accompanied by beautiful zither music, the bride and groom exchange vows and rings, happy to be married. After the ceremony they raise a toast with honey liqueur from beneath Blegoš. As a farewell the happy couple receive a commemorative gift, closely linked with the story of Ivan Tavčar and his wife Franja, a truly enamoured pair.

Weddings in Visoko are available on Saturdays from April to September.
Prior reservations are mandatory at least 30 days in advance.
The price of the wedding package is €470.
The price of an outdoor wedding is €480.

Weddings in the Tavčar Manor Wedding Hall

Experience the magic of Tavčar Manor with a wedding in the magnificent wedding hall with its richly-painted ceiling. Your ceremony will also be marked by a view of the St. Volbenk's Church.

Outdoor Weddings

The wonderful nature surrounding Tavčar Manor makes it perfect for an outdoor wedding in the embrace of the surrounding hills and forests and with a view of the early-Baroque St. Volbenk's Church.

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